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What Critics Are Saying...

"Spending an evening with Plunky and the Oneness is spending an evening full of festive carnivals and romantic wonder...The best part was knowing that even if you were a jazz fan, a devout R&B listener or a rapper, you would be thoroughly satisfied. Plunky & Oneness is a must-see."
--Beat Premier Magazine

"...some of the more intriguing arrangements...combine African percussion, sax and electronics in a refreshing and sometimes exotic fashion.:
--Mike Joyce, The Washington Post

"[Opening the Hampton Jazz Festival] Plunky and his seven piece ensemble captivated the audience and established a momentum for all other artists to follow."
--The Richmond Afro-American

"The Richmond-based group turned out to be an excellent choice for the occasion, since the spirit of celebration was an infectious force in its music"
--The Virginia Gazette

"Equally at home on tenor and soprano saxophone, Plunky leads with a driving attack and a rocking, fiery, blues-oriented inventiveness in solos that seems to inspire increasing crunch from an already blasting back-up group."
--The Charleston, S.C. News & Courier

What Educators Say...

"What a terrific performance you gave...I was overwhelmed by the myriad of compliments from our patrons on the quality of the performance and the energy of the musicians."
--Mount Aloysius College, Pennsylvania

"I was particularly impressed by your talent and your natural ability to educate our youngsters about our musical heritage."
--Middle School Principal

"The presentation of the history of jazz with emphasis on the Harlem Renaissance was excellent and complimented our study in the classroom. The students and teachers were enthusiastic about the program and teachers have been asking if we could schedule a similar program next year"
--Supervisor of Social Studies

"The lecture demonstration was one of the best we have had. You had a good balance of explanation and musical examples in developing the topic...."
--Milligan College Arts Council

"Their music and their message was very impressive"
--Elementary School Principal

"You were a breath of fresh air. You held our students spellbound."
--Elementary School Principal

"For several days afterward, the students and staff were commenting on how enlightening the program was on African musical heritage."
--Middle School Principal

"The students in the course are asked to write a journal entry for each presentation...Every one of the 29 entries on "Plunky" glowed with good feelings and energy...Not only were you able to convey a great deal of information in a short time, more importantly you were able to convey your enthusiasm and passion for the subject...which has sparked some real interest in the students."
--Faculty Director, Longwood College

"It is obvious that you were thoroughly prepared and knew just how to customize your presentations to a faculty not too familiar with teaching African and African-American Music from a holistic perspective."
--Savannah State College Dean